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Schedule Change Due to Changes in Ice Availability

Check the calendar and your team's schedule.  There has been a significant reduction in available ice for the remainder of the season.  

8 April: B League Championship Game between Icebats vs Jets

9 April: C league game

No other ice availability at this time.

ECIHL 2022-23 Season Champions

Important Information

All Players

1. No alcohol in the Pensacola Bay Center!

2. DO NOT use any locker room that the youth league is using.

3. No tobacco use of any kind in the Pensacola Bay Center

4. Do not leave trash in the bench area and clean up your area in the locker room.  The PBC will charge us a cleaning fee, which will reduce the number of games played.

5. ECIHL Plays Blue Line must get the puck out of your defensive zone before shooting down the attacking end zone.

6. On weekend games, there will be public skate before our first ice session--follow guidance from the PBC staff for access to the locker rooms.

7. No shooting pucks until the Zam doors are closed.

B League

Do not use the penalty box to the right side of the scorekeeper unless directed there by the referee--we cannot access that box from off ice so there is no way to ensure the door is properly closed.

C League:

Games are pickup style.  If you don't already have ECIHL jerseys, please make sure you bring a dark and a light-colored jersey.



The ECIHL is a USA HOCKEY affiliated adult league (18+) serving the entire Emerald Coast Area (Mississippi to Panama City, FL).  We have all skill levels from beginner on up.  ALL PLAYERS must have a current USA HOCKEY (covering fall/spring season) membership to play.  


The ECIHL Board reserves the right to move players between B/C league so a min/max skill level will be monitored and enforced in both leagues.

Check Online Schedule and Emails Frequently

Members of ECIHL

We try to keep the schedule as stable as possible, but last minute changes and cancellations do occur.  The only way for us to send out mass notification is through email.  Sending text messages to everyone is NOT an option. 

We highly encourage you to check the online schedule/calendar and the email account you used to register for the ECIHL, especially on the evenings of games.  We send out emails within minutes of being notified of a cancellation and follow up with changes to  the calendar as soon as possible.  

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Rule Reminders

1. No Alcohol on Pensacola Bay Center property--players or spectators caught with alcohol will be banned from the civic center and players will forfeit league fees.

2. ECIHL members are not to use the side doors to enter the arena--use ONLY the doors next to the box office.

3.  This is a no checking league. 

4.  Fighting or acting in such a way that incites fighting will not be tolerated.