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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do we play?

All ECIHL games are played at the Pensacola Bay Civic Center located at Gregory and Alcaniz Streets in Pensacola, at the south end of I-110.  Enter the building on the west side using the main doors to the left of the Box Office.


When do we play?

Our league utilizes the limited excess ice time available during the Pensacola Ice Flyers’ regular season…and in between any other venue (concerts, monster truck shows, etc) that has priority over us.  Typically, our season runs from mid-October till early April.  There is no ice available between April and October.

Games are typically played in the evenings although we leave open the possibility of weekend morning games.  Ice is not available during weekday mornings.

- Evening games are one hour in duration.

- Because we take what we can get, you may have one (or none) games in a week or you may get four.  You can look at the schedule page to get a feel for what our season looked like last year.


What equipment do I need to play?

ECIHL highly recommends players wear all appropriate ice hockey gear.  At a minimum:

- You MUST have an HECC-approved ice hockey helmet with functional chin strap (use of chin strap is MANDATORY).

- Skates, stick, gloves, elbow and shin pads are a must, along with groin protection.  Hip protection is also encourage.

The one piece of equipment that not all players use is shoulder pads.


Where can I get equipment?

The nearest place you can buy hockey equipment is in Pelham, Alabama, just south of Birmingham.  Best bet is to shop online.  You may be able to find some used gear through our equipment for sale page.


How do I register?

Keep checking the official ECIHL website, and “Like” us on Facebook to get updates.  We normally start registration for the fall season in late September.  Before you officially register for the season, you need to go to the USA Hockey website and get a current season USA Hockey Registration number.  This requirement CANNOT be waived, even if you are only going to play one game with the ECIHL—all players MUST have a valid USA Hockey registration on file with the league BEFORE you step on the ice.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

We may split the season into two half seasons, Oct-Dec and Jan-Mar.  In this case, we will begin registration for the second half of the season at the beginning of Dec.

We will cut off registration if we get too many players signed up (15 skaters per team).  If this occurs, we will activate a “waiting list” signup on our registration page.

We also have a “Pickup Only” registration if you are not interested in either the B or C league.  Pickup games are scheduled only if/when there is excess ice above and beyond what is needed for the B and C league.


How much does it cost and what are my payment options?

Cost for each half of the season will not be determined until the contract is signed just before the season starts—see the “more specifics” FAQ for last season’s cost (per half).

Payment will be part of the registration process using credit or debit card.  

Payment in full is expected prior to first ice contact.  If you register late, rates may be pro-rated depending on how many games remain in the season.

Let us know when registering if you will only be available for a portion of the season—we may be able to work a reduced rate depending on the circumstances.


What’s the skill level?

ECIHL has two leagues, B and C.

B league is our competitive level with three periods of play and referees.  We run a playoff series at the end of the season.  In this league, you can find former pro players and college hockey vets, Canadians who think they are good hockey players, and some old guys who are still trying to hang onto their youth.  Bottom line, we have some very good players and we have some folks that know how to play the game and want the competitive challenge, but are getting a little slower.

C league is run pickup style with no assigned teams.  There will be a ref officiating flagrant penalties, faceoffs, offsides and icing.  The core membership of this league are beginners new to hockey. In this league you will find a wide range of skills from beginner to fairly skilled.

Due to limited spots on both leagues we don't allow someone to play in both leagues. 


Can you give me some more specifics for each league?


(Evaluations will be conducted as directed by the Board of Directors and assignments to teams will be accomplished by the Competition Committee and a draft, the evaluation data will help balance teams)
•Games will be OFFICIAL GAMES, conducted under USA Hockey Rules with referees and scorekeepers.
•This is a COMPETITIVE CONTACT (NON-CHECKING) LEAGUE, coincidental contact only while playing the puck
•You must be at least 18 years of age
•Please be familiar with the ECIHL rules and procedures posted in the "Rules" tab of this website.
•See the “B League” page for additional information.


•The recreational(c) league is open to all players
•All games are 1 hour "pick-up" style games
•Games WILL be officiated but with only flagrant penalties, icing and off sides called, no statistics will be recorded.
•This is a COMPETITIVE CONTACT (NON-CHECKING), coincidental contact only while playing the puck
•You must be at least 18 years of age
•Please see the “C League” page for additional info

Is there anything else I should know?

•Fighting will not be tolerated, nor will actions that incite other players to fight

•Absolutely no alcohol will be brought onto or consumed in Pensacola Bay Center property, to include the parking lot and inside the facility

•We normally, but not always have access to locker rooms with showers.  Availability is dependent on other activities at the center.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO sharing of locker rooms with the Youth league.