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ECIHL BY-LAWS 12 October 2012

I. The Emerald Coast Ice Hockey League (ECIHL) was formed to grow interest and participation in adult ice hockey in Escambia and surrounding counties through the development of all players, regardless of skill level, in an organized and respectful environment. The ECIHL will promote adult ice hockey by utilizing the available ice time to offer game choices and skill-building opportunities to players of all skill levels.

II. The ECIHL is a sub-affiliate of USA Hockey and the Statewide Amateur Hockey of Florida (SAHOF).  The ECIHL is sanctioned by USA Hockey and follows, as a minimum, the rules set forth by USA Hockey.   These rules can be found at The ECIHL also has additional guidelines for how the league will be administered; these are published on the website. The ECIHL reserves the right to change the guidelines and rules at any time and is the final arbiter on how these will be interpreted and applied.

III. Membership

A. Members include players, referees, and score/timekeepers that have current USA Hockey Membership.

B. All members are eligible to vote for the ECIHL Board of Directors.

C. Registration fees will be determined by the ECIHL Board. Registration fees are non-transferrable unless approved, on a case-by-case basis, by the Board of Directors.

D. Annual meetings shall be held near the conclusion of the Ice Season but no later than May 31st of each year and will include a vote for board members. The board will give 15 days notice of that meeting.

E. Special meetings may be called. Members will be informed by email of special meetings at least 15 days in advance.

IV. Board of Directors

A. An Elected Board of Directors shall conduct all business related to league management. The Board shall determine by majority vote decisions that are in the best interest of the ECIHL. Board Member duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Participate in League deliberations / meetings

2. Register players for the league and USA Hockey insurance

3. Maintain an up-to-date master registration with USA Hockey

4. Enter into a contract with the arena(s)

5. Establish operating costs and player fees

6. Establish and maintain a league bank account

7. Authorize administrative expenditures

8. Establish fair and equitable team rosters

9. Establish game schedules

10. Maintain game records and player statistics

B. The board of directors shall consist of seven (7) members that serve for one (1) year terms and all seven (7) directors shall be elected annually. There is a two (2) -term limit for any board member. A board member may serve additional terms if the board allows with a majority vote to waive the two (2) -term limit. In the event a board member cannot fulfill their term, the board shall appoint a director to fill the un-expired term. Each Board Member has one (1) vote on the board.

1. The officers of the board shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair/Secretary, Treasurer, Officiating Coordinator, a Goalie Rep, a Scheduling Coordinator and a Liaison to the Civic Center.

a. The Chair shall call for and preside over all board meetings and appoints committee members. Shall be an authorized co-signer on checks payable by or payable to ECIHL. Coordinates the budget for the league for each season with the Treasurer. Has general supervision over the business activities of the league and shall see that all orders, policies and resolutions of the Board are effected.

b. Vice-chair/Secretary shall assume the duties of the chair in case of the chair’s absence. Shall fulfill duties of the chair if he/she is not able. Serves as league secretary, drafts and posts board meeting minutes. Creates monthly newsletter/email to membership. Maintains ECIHL website.

c. Treasurer shall keep record of the organization’s budget and prepare financial reports as needed. Provides status of funds statement for posting on ECIHL website. Is the primary account holder for all ECIHL bank accounts. Prepares and submits required tax paperwork. Coordinates with registration committee to ensure all player fees are deposited to the correct account.

d. Officiating Coordinator will oversee the Penalty Review and Grievance Committee, coordinate the assignment of referees and timekeepers and ice supervisors for all games and events, maintain the Rules of Play for the ECIHL, seek member input to help improve the safety of the games being played by the ECIHL,  ensure the professional development of the referees. Provide for player education by posting Rules of Play on the ECIHL website. Act as the Board rep for ECHO (Emerald Coast Hockey Officials Association).

e. Goalie Representative provides a voice for the concerns and issues of the ECIHL goalies. Ensures availability of goalies at all the games (B&C league). Plans for rotation of goalies on an even & fair basis.

f. Scheduling Coordinator will be responsible for development and posting of the game schedule. Works with Jr. Ice Flyers on scheduling. Seek ways to inform public about registration.

g. Liaison to Civic Center/Post Season Coordinator will be the individual responsible for coordinating use of the Civic Center as well as ensure the contract is properly coordinated with the Civic Center and USA Hockey.  Establishes policies and procedures for end of season playoff events. These procedures will be posted on the ECIHL web site no later than the second week of play for each season. Coordinate ECIHL playoffs at the end of the Fall and Spring seasons. Ensures non-playing board member representation at all playoff games. Coordinates with Scheduling Coordinator on ice time availability.

2. NOMINATION OF DIRECTORS: Annually, in the first week of April, the Board of Directors shall solicit nominations for the next year. Nomination of Directors shall consist of a candidate list of Members who wish to run for election, recommendations from the Board and any write-in candidates made during the voting process. Any candidate for election to the ECIHL Board of Directors must in advance notify the Secretary prior to the election acknowledging their willingness to accept the nomination, or agree to serve after they are elected as a write-in candidate.

3. VOTING: The President shall appoint two (2) members of the league to judge the annual election. If there are enough candidates to justify an election process, the Secretary will notify league members by e-mail of the voting process. The Secretary will present the results of the election to the Board at the first meeting following the annual meeting. The Board shall review the results of the election and upon motion of the Secretary vote to accept the results. In the event the Board does not accept the results of the election, the Board must declare the election void and set up a means to repeat the nomination and election process. The results of the election shall be posted on the website.

4. ASSIGNMENT OF BOARD OF DIRECTOR POSITIONS: Once elections are complete, the newly elected Directors determine assignment of board positions.

5. VACANCIES: Vacancies on the Board of Directors may be filled by selection of the current Board of directors by a majority vote. Each person so elected shall remain a Director until their successor is elected at the next Annual Meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose.

6. REMOVAL OF BOARD MEMBERS: A member may be removed from the Board only upon the unanimous vote of the Board members to so remove the Board member, when after a full hearing by the Board of Directors, they determine that the best interests of the league will be served by the removal.

7. COMPENSATION: Officers and the Board of Directors of the ECIHL shall be volunteers and not receive any compensation for their time as such.

C.  The Board of Directors shall hear and rule on any appeals regarding the ECIHL and shall resolve any and all disputes within the corporation.

D.  Any member of the Board of Directors may be removed by a majority vote of the total members of the Board of Directors.

E.  All votes by the board must pass with a minimum of 4 board members voting in favor of the motion. Voting may be accomplished by electronic conference or e-mail when conditions do not permit a gathering of a quorum of board members.

V – Committees: To assist the Board in operations, the following committees may be utilized and new committees may be created by the board as needed. Membership on the committees will be selected by the Board, but is not necessarily limited to current Board Members.

A. PENALTY REVIEW AND GRIEVANCE  COMMITTEE: The Penalty Review and Grievance Committee (PRG)  shall consist of at least three (3) members including the Officiating Coordinator and two (2) other board members. In addition, participation of the team captains of both teams on the ice at the time of the incident in question is encouraged. The Officiating Coordinator shall be the Chair of the Committee. The responsibilities of the PRG include:

a. To review and act upon USA Hockey Match Penalties, and to review and act upon any breach of good conduct as defined in the League Rules of Play as adopted by the Board of Directors reported by any official or player in the league, which is submitted in writing to the Chair within forty-eight (48) hours of the alleged breach.

b. The Committee shall be empowered to take such disciplinary action as it deems fair and just.

c. Decisions of the Committee will be reported to the Board at the meeting immediately following such action and posted upon the web site for Member review.

d. Decisions of the Committee may be appealed in writing to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will respond that appeal in writing within 15 days of receipt.

B. REGISTRATION COMMITTEE: The registration committee will be responsible for developing and administering the league’s registration process to comply with all requirements of the Civic Center, USA Hockey, and the league.

C. WEBSITE COMMITTEE: The website committee will be responsible keeping the website updated with current information to include schedule, statistics, news, points of contact, and any other information authorized by the Board of Directors.

D. COMPETITION COMMITTEE: The Competition Committee will be tasked with preseason evaluation and to maintain competitive balance throughout the playing year as directed by the ECIHL Board.  The Competition Committee will consist of 4 players from the general membership (suggested to be 1 forward 1 defense, 1 goalie, and 1 additional player) and will be chaired by a board member assigned by the Board.

VI. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of the league shall be from June 1 to May 31 of the following year.

VII. Finances:

A. All of the finances of the ECIHL are transparent. Members may request a financial statement at any time. Treasurer is to provide an annual report of the finances that will be posted on website and available to members.

B. Contracts: the Board of Directors may authorize any officer or officers to enter into any contract or execute & deliver any instrument in the name of the ECIHL

C. Checks: all checks, drafts or other orders for the payment of money issued in the name of the ECIHL shall be signed by 2 officers of the ECIHL

D. Deposits: All funds of the ECIHL not otherwise employed shall be deposited to the credit of the ECIHL in the bank selected by the ECIHL.

VIII. Amendments:

A. The by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of the members present at a general membership meeting of the ECIHL. The ECIHL Board will present those changes at an annual meeting, or special meeting called for that purpose after approving the amendments by a 2/3 vote of all of the board members.

B. To have an amendment eligible for presentation for a vote, it must be submitted to all board members at least 30 days in advance. After an approval of 2/3 majority of the board the vote by the general membership will be held at the next Annual meeting, but no later than the end of the fiscal year May 31st.

IX. Other:

A. Formal Complaints: If over the course of the season if a league member has an issue they feel needs to be addressed by the Board of Directors the following is required:

1. A written letter (e-mail is acceptable) describing the nature of the concern. Letter must have contact information.

2. Within 15 Days of receipt, the Board of Directors will address the complaint and provide written (or e-mail) response to the complainant.

B. The ECIHL encourages communication and member feedback.