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C League Info



This Recreational League is designed for the beginner player who wants to work on improving skills and skate with a group of similar level players in a pickup atmosphere or the mid level skater who wants to help others improve. This group has approximately 28 to 36 skaters and 3 to 4 goalies assigned and skates white versus dark for the 1 hour ice-time assigned.  ALL players must have a current USA Hockey Membership prior to first game.

- All C-League players will be properly registered and paid up for the ECIHL Season

- There will be a referee to officate the games calling flagrant penalties, icing and off sides and face offs.  

- Please always respect the others playing in the Recreational League and expect to play a non-aggressive friendly style of hockey.

- Only registered Recreational League players are expected to go on the ice for these scheduled times unless expressly cleared by the ECIHL Board or Ice Supervisor.

For start of the 2014-15 season, feel free to attend all C League ice times on the formal schedule if you are registered for the Recreational League.

Note: If the numbers of registered players becomes too large the Board reserves the right to split the Recreational League by skill level into 3 rotating Groups of similar skill level: Gold/ Black/ White