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B League Info

ALL B league players must have a USA hockey player membership that is current for the season (e.g. 2015-16, 2016-17, etc.)

ALL new players to the ECIHL that have signed up for B league have to show up for the eval skates at the beginning of the season (to ensure proper placement for parity across teams' skill levels)

NEW for 2015:

---Substitutions if a team/s don't have enough players during a league game---

In the event that a team does not have enough players to adequately form a team during league games the following considerations regarding adding subs will be made:

1.  Addition must be a currently registered member of the ECIHL.  NO EXTERNAL PLAYERS ALLOWED ON ICE AT ANY TIME.

2. First the refs must be informed that an addition is being made then both captains or captain designee agree on addition.  Additions will be noted on the score sheet and signed by both captains/designees in affirmation of the additions.

3. There is NO forfeit of the game.  The game is played and will be documented with the final score as the game concludes.


2014-15  “B League” Selection Procedures

1.  DRAFT:  A seven round draft will be conducted by 6 captains selected by the ECIHL Board.  Those players drafted will be protected for the season for that team.  Captains can trade drafted players if approved by the competion committee.

- The Competition Committee will provide evaluation data to all of the Captains prior to the draft which will include a numerical score and preferred position.

2. PLACEMENT:  Following the draft the Competition Committee will fill the team rosters and be tasked with balancing the skill level and distributing players by preferred position with a goal of achieving the best competitive balance possible of the teams in the league.

3.  ACCOMMODATION:   Special Requests from players to be placed on the same team for family or transportation reasons will be managed by the Competition Committee.  Accommodations will be made for up to 3 players in a group ONLY in rare cases and will be subject to change at any time to maintain the competitive balance of the league.  Players need to make these requests to the Board during registration and prior to the draft, or upon joining the league.  Carpool requests for distances greater than 20 miles will be considered priority.


A. If required, the Competition Committee will initiate trades (from the non-protected players) during the regular season to ensure competitive balance.  Any new players added to the league during the season will be carefully placed by the committee as best efforts to maintain balance.                                    

B.  Two or more Captains can request a trade (including protected players). The Competition Committee will review requests to ensure fairness, and then if agreed upon will submit the trade to the board for final approval.

C.  All trades and new players added to rosters are subject to a trade deadline of no less than 5 games remaining in the regular season.

It is a reminder to all ECIHL players that the goal of the league is the growth of hockey locally, and to have fun and great camaraderie while playing the game.  Please respect and understand the purpose of the Competition Committee.  Any player movement will be carefully considered and is meant to ensure balance and fairness.

5.  GOALTENDERS:  The Goalies will be assigned by the Competition Committee after the teams are filled and team average evaluation score is determined.  Goalies will also receive an evaluation score and will be assigned with the intent to keep the teams in competitive balance.   Each team will be assigned two goaltenders based on numbers registered.  Goaltenders can be traded if required by the committee; they are not considered protected players.

6.  MILITARY:   Any Active Duty Military player is requested to keep the Board informed if you will be unable to complete the full season, or will arrive mid-season to join a team.  This will help the Competition Committee appropriately plan and consider possible action.  We certainly appreciate your service to the country and will make efforts to allow you to enjoy hockey in Pensacola and accomodate any special requests due to orders and training.

2014-15 Draft Procedures

The draft will be administered by the ECIHL Board of Directors.

1. Captains are selected by the ECIHL Board and will participate in a 7 round skater draft.

2. Draft order will be determined by reverse evaluation score where the lowest ranked captain has 1st selection.  In the event of a tie a coin toss will decide.

3. The draft will maintain the order set for the 7 picks. 

4. After the 7th round, those players will be considered protected players for that team for the current season.

5, The Competition Committee will then average the evaluation scores of all the teams and fill the remainder of the roster spots, with the goal of having balanced teams in evaluation score and even Fwd/Def position numbers.

Captain's Responsibility to the Board

1. Create a contact list for the team with Phone contact number and email.

      -- In the event of a short term notice of time change or cancellation, make every effort to ensure all of your team is informed.

2.  Administer Jersey Assignment.

      --  keep the Board and the officials/scorekeeper informed of assigned player numbers

      --  collect jerseys from any departing players.

3.  Serve as voice of the Board to the team, and communicate needs of your team back to the Board.

4.  Make sure that all of your players are familiar with the Rules and Procedures of ECIHL games.